The SPCA is investigating allegations one of New Zealand's top greyhound trainers has been live-baiting his dogs.

An investigation into dog trainer Brendon Cole began when the SPCA was given photos which appeared to show him stringing up a live animal on the racing track.

The practice, known as live-baiting, is illegal in New Zealand, and the organisation could prosecute Cole if it believed the allegations were true.

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen said they were given the images in July, and have since spoken to Cole.


"When we launched the investigation we were on the property and looking for evidence and things that would indicate that something wasn't right."

Midgen said it was incredibly rare for them to hear allegations of live-baiting.

"Most trainers are wanting to abide by the law and do the right thing, so most trainers would not even contemplate live-baiting."

The Herald is seeking comment from Cole.