A video has emerged of an enraged cyclist punching and kicking a van driver and his van in Pakuranga.

The incident took place this morning about 8.17am on the corner of Ti Rakau Drive and Pakuranga Rd.

The man who filmed the altercation did not wish to be named but said the cyclist appeared to be in the wrong.

"He was riding up the middle of the traffic when he should have been keeping to the left, he's not meant to be in the middle of the road," the man said.


"He was the one who started the kicking and punching, he was being an idiot."

The man said the cyclist was attempting to ride through the queues of cars and knocking van and car doors with his bike.

The witness claimed the cyclist had already kicked and punched the van before he started filming.

"The driver moved across from his seat into the passengers side and that's when I started taking the video."

The video shows swearing before the cyclist punches the van driver in the mouth. A second cyclist intervened to break up the fight.

The witness said he saw the cyclist involved in the fight 10 minutes later and he had blood around his mouth.

Police said they were called by a member of the public regarding an incident in Pakuranga this morning just before 9am.

"A cyclist had hit the caller's van, smashing the mirror on the vehicle, and then had scratched the caller's face."

Police said they advised the caller to go into their local police station to make a formal complaint regarding the incident.