A planned luxury train ride from Auckland to Queenstown has been dubbed "the world's best moving hotel" and will take high-paying guests on a six-day journey covering nearly the length of New Zealand.

Antipodes Explorer NZ is looking to buy 31 old train carriages from Auckland Transport and turn them into luxury rides for 56 guests.

The business venture will target high-spending tourists from around the world.

The ride from Auckland to Queenstown is expected to take six days. The train will stop for two to five hours every morning and afternoon, covering more than 75 locations across the country.


The business venture was presented by co-founder Amanda Johnston at the New Zealand China Mayoral Forum, where the company hoped to attract the attention of the Chinese market.

"[It's] for visitors that don't have four weeks or the information to drive around New Zealand. We will use the beauty and elegance of rail to show them all of New Zealand, tailored to their personal preferences," Johnson said at the Forum.

The train is expected to be ready by 2019.

New Zealand welcomes more than 400,000 Chinese tourists every year and the number is expected to continue to rise.