The family of Kiwi journalist Yasmine Ryan are preparing three memorials of her life in Turkey, Tunisia and the United Kingdom.

Ryan died after falling from the fifth storey of a building in the Turkish city of Istanbul late this week.

Some reports indicated her death had been labelled suspicious by local police, however in a statement Ryan's family said this was not the case.

"Yasmine's family want it to be known that her death is not considered to be suspicious," the statement read.


Her father Tom Ryan had met with authorities after arriving in Istanbul, where he is today after leaving as soon as possible when the news of his daughter's death spread to New Zealand.

He had also met with colleagues and friends of Ryan who were with her the past week.

A GiveALittle page set up by Jacinta Forde, who works at the University of Waikato with Ryan's father Tom, said he had "left on the first plane to Turkey last night to bring her back home to New Zealand".

So far more than $11,000 has been raised.

"Yasi was an amazing, talented young woman who had spent many years in North Africa and the Middle East as a journalist, investigative reporter and international correspondent," the page stated.

"It is a terrible loss for journalism but an even bigger loss for her family and friends."

Ryan worked for RT World in Istanbul as a senior features editor and was a 2016 World Press Institute Fellow.

The first of three memorials will be held in Istanbul at the Conrad Hotel on Sunday December 3 between 2pm and 3pm local time.


A second memorial will be held in Tunis, with date and location yet to be confirmed.

A memorial will also be held in London, United Kingdom on Monday December 11 from 5.30pm to 7pm local time.

The exact location was still to be confirmed, family said in a statement.

"Her family hopes the memorials honour the life and work of their wonderful and talented daughter, sister and friend.

"They wish to take the time to honour Yasmine's life in the cities she spent a significant amount of time so her global family of friends have time to say goodbye."

Ryan's family planned to bring her body home to New Zealand where another memorial would be held.

It was reported in Turkish media that Ryan fell from the fifth storey of a building while staying at a friend's house.

TRT World said the pair had retired for the day to separate rooms.

The friend was awoken at 2.20am by a noise and discovered an open window and Ryan on the ground below.

TRT World reported emergency services were called but declared her dead at the scene.