Peru football star Andre Carillo may miss the birth of his twins while playing in today's FIFA World Cup qualifier against the All Whites.

The Watford winger told the Daily Star he was "very excited and anxious" as his girlfriend, Suhaila Jad, prepares to give birth to the children.

Carillo will play in today's game at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, then fly to Lima for the return match on Thursday (NZT).

The potentially history-making games are the priority for Carillo, despite the impending arrival of the twins.


"The only thing that wouldn't be nice is I may not be here when they are born because of the play-off. It's a possibility," he told the Daily Star.

"But of course, I am going to play. My girlfriend understands my job and it's not going to affect my concentration. We will be speaking every day on the phone."

Photos on social media show the pair posing for a photo together, their hands on Jad's baby bump.