Auckland has been dubbed a "s*** town" of New Zealand in a scathing post on a satirical social media page dedicated to mocking the country's towns and cities.

The creators of the Facebook page, "S*** towns of New Zealand" have been hit with death threats and criticism for its portrayal of the country's finest towns, but that hasn't deterred the posters from continuing their stinging critique.

A lengthy post made on Saturday dedicated to Auckland ruminated on its "sprawling beige suburban s***tropolis built on top of 50 volcanoes, demonstrating the sort of foresight that has led to twin housing and traffic crises".

It goes on to criticise Remuera mothers, the Sky Tower, soy latte drinkers, West Auckland bogans, its beaches and the Blues.


Auckland’s Maori name is Tamaki Makaurau, The City of a Thousand Lovers, but a better translation might be The City of a...

Posted by Shit Towns of New Zealand on Friday, 3 November 2017

The post was popular, with 3400 likes and hundreds of shares. Many of the commenters shared the post's sentiment, remarking it was "hysterical".

Others were less amused.

"You don't even know what you're talking about," one poster said.

The page, now two years old, previously dubbed Cromwell one of the "top five s**** towns in New Zealand", which sparked a furious reaction from its residents.

But Central Otago District Mayor Tim Cardogan was relaxed, saying the page was a " great joke ... it's satire".

The creators had asked for anonymity but have previously said they had received death threats from readers - about 20 in two years.

"There have been some people who haven't taken the joke the way we wanted it was intended," the creators previously said.