US President Donald Trump's New Zealand representative has confirmed he faced an administrative inquiry over his behaviour toward women in Samoa in July.

US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa Scott Brown confirmed to Fairfax there had been an official inquiry into comments he made at a Peace Corp function.

Brown said he and his wife Gail Huff-Brown had told guests they looked "beautiful". He had also told a waitress she could make hundreds of dollars working in hospitality in the US, Fairfax reported.

The ambassador - who has been in the job since June - said the inquiry had concluded by telling him he should be more culturally aware.


"When we walked into the Peace Corp event we walked in and there was a receiving line and prior to walking they were all like dirty and grungy ... We walked in and everyone was dressed to the nines.

"They all looked great, Gail looked great, you know I was dressed up and Gail and I both walked in and said, 'You guys are beautiful, you look really handsome sir, you guys are great'. And apparently somebody took offence to that," he told Fairfax.