An auction listing showing models in black-face has been removed from Trade Me after scores of complaints on social media.

The listing - advertising a $15.29 "afro unisex black wig'' - showed two people with their faces painted black.

The full listing describes the wig as: "Fancy dress Neanderthal short man [and] amp wife.''

The woman in the photo, smiling widely, holds a bone.


Kiwi comedian Rose Matafeo was among those to complain about the listing.

"Trade me I've reported this already but you should shut this sh*t down immediately,'' she wrote on Twitter.

Another woman wrote: "This is disgusting. Trade Me WTF is this?''

Trade Me quickly removed the listing and apologised: "You're right this isn't appropriate.

"It's been pulled down & we'll be talking to the seller. Thanks for bringing it to our [attention]."

The seller, BuySend, is an online retail store based in the UK that has many other colourful costume wigs up for grabs still.

Among them are an adult's "black Rasta dreadlocks'' wig, an "Indian wig with headband'' and a "Che Guevara hat & hair'' headpiece.