Former Labour leader Andrew Little is being lauded by supporters for putting aside personal ambition and allowing his deputy to steer the party to electoral victory.

Little, who led Labour until seven weeks before the election, quitting on the back of dire poll results, is now being credited for a "selfless masterstroke" that meant Labour roared back to claim an historical MMP win.

Under a post with a picture showing Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson and Kelvin Davis and the banner "We did this" many have commented on the way Little selflessly handed over the reigns to Jacinda Ardern, a key move in reversing the party's flagging fortunes.

When Little quit polls were showing Labour continuing to fall to 23 per cent while National enjoyed 47 per cent.


Ardern's promotion immediately sparked a resurgence in support with polls soaring and matching Bill English as preferred Prime Minister soon after.

Last night Little's only comment on the page is the hashtag "LetsDidThis".

Soon after last night's announcement supporters took to his public Facebook page applauding him for putting aside his personal ambition and allowing a smooth and supportive leadership change at a critical time.

He was praised for his integrity and selflessness in the best interests of the party and New Zealand.

Posted Ben McNulty on his Facebook page: "Andrew, you showed massive courage stepping down and allowing Jacinda to step up. Looking forward to your great contribution as a minister in this new government."

"This wouldn't have happened without you Andrew, a true man of integrity who put his country's need ahead of personal ambition... nothing but total respect and admiration for you sir!" posted David Knight.

John Andrew said he deserved "a lot of credit for allowing this to happen - you made a tough the right time........well done."


Posted by Andrew Little on Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sally Patrick thanked the former leader saying the smooth leadership transition demonstrated the depth of his decency and courage.


Some have even called his bold move heroic and a political masterstroke.

Posted Hannah Henderson: "My seven-year-old politically savvy son said tonight, amidst all the excitement, "I think Andrew Little is the real hero - he made this happen". The kid makes a good point."

"Congratulations Andrew on the selfless master stroke that brought Labour roaring back with Jacinda in the election to change the government in a historic MMP win," wrote Graeme Swan.

Little was not available for comment.