One of the two men accused of raping an intoxicated woman in a Tauranga motel room told a jury that he was the victim of a false allegation by "a crazy, evil woman".

Mark Arona, 40, and his associate, Peter John Chambers, 42, are on trial in the Tauranga District Court.

Both have denied one charge each of sexual violation by rape and sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection.

The woman claims she was intoxicated and blacked out after having a puff of cannabis and was incapable of giving her consent to any of the sexual acts. The men claim they had a consensual threesome with the woman.


On day seven of the trial yesterday, Arona hit back at Crown solicitor Anna Pollett's suggestion that he made up a story to discredit the complainant's account.

"I am the victim here. She was conspiring to try and f*** us. That's all I know," he said.

Arona said the complainant was flirty before the alleged attack, gave him the "sexy eye" and she initiated the sex acts with him and his co-defendant.

Pollett also told Arona that he and Chambers knew they were in trouble after the woman began having vivid flashbacks about what happened after she blacked out.

She also suggested the two men began conspiring to ensure they "got their stories straight" and Arona had coached Chambers about what to tell the woman.

Arona denied the suggestions but conceded he called the complainant in a panic and urged her to keep things "under wraps".

Arona said at that stage he had not told his partner that he had been unfaithful, and did not want the complainant to twist things into something it was not.

The complainant was trying to conspire against them to " destroy their lives", he said.

"It was three consenting adults in that room, " Arona told the jury.

Pollett suggested Arona knew the complainant was unconscious and incapable of giving her consent, which he refuted.

The woman was "coherent, happy", and enjoyed their sexual encounter.

"I'm the victim here. She's a crazy, evil woman," he said.

Chambers, who also gave evidence yesterday, told the court the complainant was "quite flirty" with him and indicated she was "up for" sex with him.

He refuted the woman's claim that she was drunk and blacked out.

"She was very coherent, chatty, vibrant and seductively crawled up in the bed like a cat."

Chambers said at no time did he believe the woman was unwilling, particularly as she cuddled him and kissed his neck twice earlier in the evening.

The complainant agreed to share his bed and encouraged him to "make love" to her before he dropped her home, he said.

He said that when he heard what the complainant was alleging he was shocked.

During her opening address, Chambers' lawyer Moana Dorset told the jurors they could not use Crown evidence against Arona against her client as it was inadmissible.

Chambers continues to give evidence today.