Emergency services are attending a fire in Auckland's CBD.

A fire communications staff member said he was able to say crews had been sent to Wakefield St but could not give any further information immediately.

Naseem, a fish and chip shop worker who only gave his first name, said he could see about six fire trucks as well as police and an ambulance across the road from his work on Wakefield St.

He said he had not seen anyone be treated by ambulance staff.


"At the moment there's no smoke coming. The fire guys they came through. They're right up there washing the wall."

Fire crews had been hoisted up to the sixth floor with a crane to put the fire out, he said.

They arrived about half an hour ago.

Fire communications shift manager Scott Osmond said they had received a call to attend a fire at 18 Wakefield St just before 5pm.

15 trucks and 50 crew had been sent and the sixth storey fire was out by 5.30pm.

Fire services at the scene. Photo / Nick Reed
Fire services at the scene. Photo / Nick Reed

Crew were checking whether anyone had been hurt but Osmond said it seemed unlikely at this stage.

It wasn't yet clear what had caused the fire, he said.

Assistant Area Commander Barry Fox said, "We have responded to a fire on the sixth floor of an apartment building here in the central city. On arrival we had a good amount of smoke issuing from that balcony, deck area of that apartment and we have fought it internally. Firefighters have gone up there and used a delivery off an internal riser system and we have put the fire out.


"At this stage we are just dampening and checking the rest of the building for smoke spread."

"There have been no reported injuries."

"We are still in that extinguishment phase and will drop into the investigation phase in a few minutes once we have got it cleaned up and find out what the cause was.

"The fire was isolated to one apartment."

Fire and emergency crews have now removed the crane and all hoses from the apartment.