A Waikato policeman is sharing his experience pulling a suicidal Waikato resident back from the brink, to recognise mental health awareness week.

Officer "Pete" has posted on the Waikato Police Facebook page about the job in late 2014, which was prompted by an alert about a suicidal text message.

Pete and a more senior officer found the house locked up and curtains pulled.

A set of keys was hanging from the door of the garage, but neither cop could see anything through the window.


When the other officer opened the door, a huge plume of smoke billowed out.

Inside, was a large brazier with hot coals and smoke flaring off the top. The man, "Joe", was swigging alcohol, and he had a bottle of pills beside him.

Despite the man warning the pair not to come inside, Pete said he had to act.

"I don't even have a second to stop and think, all I know is I have to get him out of there."

He ran in, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him outside where he promptly collapsed.

The two cops monitored him until an ambulance arrived.

Pete said Joe is now healthy and happy, but the experience had stayed with him.

"I continue my career knowing that we just did our job, and managed to change his life that day," he said.

Attempted suicide, which police refer to under the code '1X' is shockingly common. Last week in the Waikato District Police attended 38 1X jobs.

Pete said anyone going through a tough time should know there's someone out there to talk to.

"If you feel like you have no one, feel free to private message any of the New Zealand Police pages, any of the admins will be more willing to listen to you and help you."