Winston Peters has emerged from his morning talks with National, refusing to say what policies are being discussed - but saying foreign ownership will be part of negotiations.

Peters has previously said NZ First will aim to have a decision made by Thursday, but would not say today whether that meant the party wanted to announce the decision on that day.

"The meeting was great, actually," Peters said. "Like all the meetings have been so far."

Peters said yesterday talks today would go into the night, and confirmed today NZ First would meet again with National later today.


He said NZ First was covering similar policy areas with both Labour and National.

"It is not a game of tennis here, or ping pong. It is different discussions with different parties."

Peters said NZ First was still on track for a decision by Thursday. Asked if that meant announcing the decision on that day, he didn't say.

"What we said we would do by the 12th of October we are setting out to do ... what we are trying to do is ensure that we give all sides in this negotiation a fair hearing, and vice versa."

Asked about news of a takeover of UDC Finance, Peters said the sell off of New Zealand interests to overseas buyers was the "continuing story of this country's decline since the 14th of July, 1984".

"These talks are about a change in the way this country is run. Both economically and socially."

Peters said foreign ownership issues would be part of the talks.

"Have you got that? It is a yes."