Bay of Plenty Labour Party candidate Angie Warren-Clark is in a state of political limbo.

More than a week on from the election, she's still waiting to find out if she's made it into Parliament on the Labour List.

"There's 15 per cent of vote not counted yet," Warren-Clark says. "That equates to Labour needing 12 per cent more of those than National to get another seat."

Warren-Clark is the next Labour candidate on the list. So while other new MPs have been in Wellington learning the ropes - she's still waiting for the special votes to be counted.


"I had a phone call from Jacinda saying 'hang in there', also Andrew Kirton and my friends saying 'hang in there' which has been nice.

"The good thing is even though it feels like time has stood still for me, things are going on in the background and the count will be in Saturday afternoon and we'll know for good!"

Before running for Parliament, she managed Tauranga Women's Refuge where she's worked for the last four years.

"We operate on $21 a week from Government, which is appalling in my opinion. It's my job to pull in around $500,000 a year in fundraising.

"It is something you have to be passionate about, and it is very rewarding work."

Even if Labour doesn't get another MP, Warren-Clark could still end up heading to Parliament.

"If someone resigns from the list as an MP then I'll get the call to go to Parliament, so there's that sitting there for the next three years actually."

In the meantime she's tying up loose ends and trying to keep busy.


"I'm doing really fascinating things like writing reports and funding applications so if I do go then that leaves the refuge in good stead."

And she'll be watching and waiting for the news this Saturday.

"It's tense times, you just don't know do you?"

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