An Australian betting site is offering odds on the outcome of New Zealand's election.

Sports Bet has odds of 1.62 to one on the National Party taking the lion's share of seats in Parliament after voting closes tomorrow at 7pm.

Labour is at odds of 2.25 to one and minor parties the Greens and New Zealand First have huge odds on winning the most seats, with 51 and 67 respectively.

Should the virtually impossible happen, a punter putting $50 on NZ First to win the majority of seats would walk away $3350 richer.


Sports Bet has been approached for comment.

The Herald's Election Forecast has Winston Peters as the king- or queen-maker today, as it has for several weeks.

The final Newshub Reid Research poll, conducted between September 13 and 20, put National on 45.8 per cent with Labour on 37.3 per cent.

The Green Party had moved from below the 5 per cent threshold to 7.1 per cent.

New Zealand First was also on 7.1 per cent with the balance of power.

The Election Forecast crunches data from every major poll conducted in the past year and the results of every election since 1999.

Our final forecast puts National on 56 seats in Parliament, with a Labour-Green coalition at 54 seats.

NZ First is now projected to get 7.5 per cent of the party vote and nine seats.

The estimates are median estimates. The lower and upper estimates are shown in the visualisation and give better estimates of uncertainty surrounding the projections.

To form a government, a party or coalition needs at least 61 out of 120 seats, or to reach a confidence-and-supply agreement.

Voting closes tomorrow at 7pm and yesterday a record 806,043 New Zealanders had already voted.