With just two days until Saturday's election, National leader Bill English is heading to Auckland, NZ First leader Winston Peters will be in Auckland and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern will be in Christchurch.

The last leaders debate behind them and the campaign starting to wind up, Bill English and Jacinda Ardern will be out on the streets again looking for votes.

National's leader will cast his advance vote in Wellington before boarding the campaign bus and heading north.

The destination is Auckland, and along the way he'll be stopping off at several towns.


Ardern will take Labour's message to Christchurch and a walkabout at Canterbury University.

In the final days of the campaign, she's going to be ramping up the importance of young voters getting to the ballot boxes on Saturday.

NZ First's Winston Peters will be in Auckland, speaking at the Rally to Save the Waterfront. He'll be backing the call to give the harbour back to the people.

Advance voting

The Electoral Commission advises that 445,350 people have advance voted so far compared with 225,513 by the same time at the 2014 election and 90,861 by the same time in the 2011 election.

MMP in a nutshell

You have two votes under MMP.

The electorate vote is for the person you would like to be your local Member of Parliament.

The party vote is the most important and is for the party you most want to be in Government.


The party vote determines how many MPs each party has.
Parties can only have MPs if they win at least 5 per cent of the party vote or if they win an electorate seat.

- Staff reporter, NZN