Lotto's third biggest ever Powerball jackpot - $30 million - is up for grabs tonight.

More than a million tickets are expected to be sold for the draw, a Lotto spokeswoman said.

The prize rolled over on Wednesday after $27 million went unstruck.

A young couple from Dairy Flat north of Auckland won a record breaking $44 million Lotto Powerball in November last year.


In September 2013, an Aucklander who bought their ticket at a store called One Step Ahead became $33 million richer by winning Powerball First Division.

Currently the third biggest Lotto Powerball win is $28.7 million which was taken home by a player who bought their ticket at Mobil Papakura in October 2010.

Countdown Lynfield and Manukau City Lotto, both in Auckland, are tied for the luckiest Powerball stores, having sold three winning tickets each.

Two Powerball First Division tickets have been sold at Camera & Printz in Auckland, Countdown Ashburton, Countdown Rotorua, Auckland's Dawson Superette, Hokitika New World and Mairangi Bay Dairy and Lotto.

There have been 12 Powerball First Division winners this year.

If tonight's jackpot goes it will be the fourth big Lotto win in as many months.

On July 22, a woman who bought her ticket at Botany New World became $8 million richer when she struck Powerball.

Two weeks earlier Tauranga man Lou Te Keeti took home $10.3 million after winning Lotto Powerball.

And in mid-May a Thames couple took home a whopping $27 million in Lotto First Division.

Powerball "2" had been drawn 123 times - the most out of any number, but Powerball "3" could is actually luckier because it helped 23 people win $212 million in Powerball prizes.

What you could buy with $30 million
• 30 average-priced houses in Auckland
• 275 luxury Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV 4WDs
• More than 19,000 top of the range iPhone Xs
• About six million blocks of Whittakers chocolate
• 76,923 pairs of these customisable Nike shoes
• A private island (if you negotiate) - the owners Pakatoa Island in the Hauraki Gulf were asking $40 million when it was listed on Trade Me a few years ago
• Most of a Falcon private jet - it costs just over $34 million according to today's exchange rate
• 6,666,666 cups of coffee from a cafe (based on an average price of $4.50 each)

Recent Lotto Powerball winner Lou Te Keeti's top tips for nabbing the $30 million
1) Buy a ticket. So many people - including my wife - say Lotto is a waste of money. But you can't win if you don't try.

2) Say a little prayer and be sincere about it. Be specific. Don't just say "Oh please let me win", but think about what you would do. When I said my prayers before I won, I promised that I would give it to these three charities and I did.

3) Be charitable. Let others who need it share in your win, so that the money can do good things in the community.

4) Help loved ones but don't spoil them. I want my mokopuna to respect others and value people rather than things, and that being charitable is more important than having fancy things that you don't really need.

5) Delete unknown or unwarranted solicitations and be resolute about it.