A new "flying squad" of elite police officers to target crime nationwide would be established under NZ First policy.

Winston Peters announced the law and order measure in a speech in Whangamata today, saying the squad would be an elite unit under the command of the Police Commissioner.
The team would be made up of 56 police officers and 14 support staff.

"We believe this will put the heat on serious law breakers and most importantly, make our communities safer," Peters said.

"A unit of this size means 24/7 policing with some eight officers on constant duty... rampant outbreaks of lawlessness and organised crime are the focus.


"So is helping communities in trouble with criminals and suffering from crime waves like burglaries and violence."

Unsolved burglaries and a spate of aggravated robberies of dairies have put the spotlight on law and order ahead of the election.

Much policy has focused on a direct response - National is boosting police numbers and setting up boot camps for young offenders; Labour and New Zealand First calling for greater police resourcing, particularly in the regions.

In February the Government announced a $503m package to boost police officer numbers by 880 over four years, with an extra 245 non-sworn staff.

And last month Justice spokeswoman Amy Adams announced policy to let judges send serious youth offenders to boot camp at Waiouru for up to a year, and police will be able to issue instant $200 fines to parents of children wandering the streets from midnight to 5am.

NZ First has called for police numbers to be boosted by 1800, and wants more officers working in the regions and small towns, promising to end the use of sole-charge police stations.