From the looks of things, Jacindamania is showing no sign of abating. And if that really is the case, it's time to snap out of it.

We're two weeks from election day. Now is the time for scrutiny, not starry eyes.

And that's even more necessary now Labour has pulled ahead in the polls and is a real prospect for government.

Jacinda Ardern's party needs scrutiny on two fronts: so-called generational change and tax.


Ardern says she represents generational change. Yet she has just betrayed her own generation.

Ardern's pledge to keep superannuation at 65 will be a huge disappointment to people her own age.

You'd have to have lived under a rock not to know there has been something akin to a generational war with superannuation as the battle ground.

Young people have been clamouring for the superannuation age to be lifted. They're paying for a huge - and increasing - number of Baby Boomers' pensions right now and for years to come. They're worried that by the time they reach Super age there won't be a pension on offer.

There's a good chance they're right.

It's not so much that pensions really will become unaffordable, it's more that everyone else is lifting their pension age. The Australians have. The Germans have. The United Kingdom has. Ideas like that become fashionable and sweep the world and eventually end up in New Zealand. And that may happen before Ardern's generation qualify for a pension.

The calls to raise the Super age are so loud it was virtually one of the first things Bill English did as Prime Minister.

Yet Ardern has just committed her generation to paying for other people's pensions, while facing the prospect of missing out themselves.


All that can save her from this betrayal is something drastic like promising to limit pensions to only those 65-year-olds who really need it. And one of the only ways to do that is to promise means testing.

But that would probably be too brave a commitment this side of the election for Labour. At least, that seems the most likely scenario , judging by Labour's cowardice over its tax plans.

News flash, Labour: everyone knows you're planning to lump us with more tax, why not just come out and say it?

It's becoming clear Labour not only plans to tax us more, but also that the party has a pretty good idea of exactly which taxes. The story it's spinning about having an open mind and taking advice from a tax working group is wearing thin.

Here's how you know Labour has a ready-to-go plan: it has already ruled out three taxes. Capital Gains Tax on the family home. Land tax under the family home. Raising income tax. You don't rule taxes out unless you know your tax plan doesn't need them.

Labour must come clean on its tax policy. Voters deserve to know a vote for Jacindamania may come with a tax surprise. Voters also deserve to be able to make a considered choice between Labour's tax offering and say, Top's.

What's more, it's going to become pretty hard for Labour to king-hit National on issues of trust when it's also starting to look a little untrustworthy.

The last couple of weeks of the campaign are going to get tougher as the weak spots open up and the scrutiny gets more intense.

Labour is probably banking on the fact Ardern's excellent grasp of deflecting tough questions protects it from too much tax-splatter sticking to the shiny new coat.

But, just remember, saying words that sound nice and acting on them are two different things.