Do you swear to vote?

With about one-hundred and fifty thousand young people still yet to enrol across Aotearoa - a Hamilton group Politics in the Tron are trying to hook young people up with political candidates tonight at Creative Waikato.

"Give a Shit This Election is about a space for young Hamiltonians to engage with the election to give them an opportunity to get involved because they have not traditionally been involved," organiser Tony Stevens says.

Instead of a traditional public meeting, the debate will be more of a quick fire talk fest - typical of TV show, Backbenchers.


"We're not going to give them too long to waffle on, if they take too long they will be punished. They only have one minute to speak to questions," Tony says.

Aiming to attract young crowds the event is called "Give a Shit This Election" - a Hamilton candidate's debate targeted at millennials and students.

"It's called 'Give a Shit' because there's a perception that [young people] don't give a shit about politics.

"I don't think that's fair, I don't think that's true, I think it's equally true that politicians don't give a shit about young people," Mr Stevens says.

Some students Local Focus spoke with agree though there were still many young people who didn't understand politics and believed their vote wouldn't make much of a difference.

"To be honest I don't actually know enough to vote, so if I did vote I'd be just another uneducated voter so I wouldn't really make a difference really," said a student who didn't want to be named.

Other students say politics shouldn't be a popularity contest, and understanding politics could be made easier by simplifying complicated jargon and doing more to get young people interested from an earlier age.

The debate kicks off at 6pm, with Hamilton East and Hamilton West candidates going head-to-head, discussing issues of importance to youth.

Stevens says there's only limited seats and pizza arrives at 5.30pm - so people need to get in early.

Give a Shit This Election - Hamilton Candidates Debate
Creative Waikato
Thursday 7 September, 5.30pm-8pm
131 Alexandra Street

Check out the Facebook Event page here.

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