A 20-year-old man accused of attacking a Herald delivery man has made a brief appearance in court.

The Otara man came before a justice of the peace at Manukau District Court on Saturday morning after being arrested yesterday.

He is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Soane Mateo, who was allegedly attacked in the early hours of the morning last Saturday.

Mateo, 47, was waiting for a newspaper delivery outside a Gull station when he said he was attacked by two men who allegedly stabbed him and bashed him with a brick.


One of the alleged assailants is still at large.

The other was granted interim name suppression on Saturday, after his duty lawyer argued that it should be kept secret on account of his age and the fact his mother had cancer.

She was in remission but it was argued that her son being named could severely affect her health.

The man entered no plea and didn't seek bail.

He was remanded in custody until Monday, when he was ordered to appear again in person so further arguments could be made for name suppression.

The court was empty for the man's appearance, there was no sign of any family members or friends for either the defendant or the alleged victim.

According to court documents the man is also charged with arming himself with a sledgehammer and robbing a Z station in Otara, just days after the alleged attack on Mateo.

He is also charged with robbing a second person of money, while armed with a rifle, on August 23.