Jacinda Ardern has attracted a lot of headlines since she took over as leader of the Labour Party, but the latest round has nothing to do with her.

She attended her party's campaign launch in Auckland on Sunday, and a number of people noticed her bodyguard didn't exactly blend in with the crowd.

For one thing, he towers above almost everyone he passes.

For another, he's sporting a large and rather magnificent beard.


Undoubtedly his biggest fan is Carol Green, a British-born artist and designer who moved to New Zealand in 1999 and currently lives in Auckland, news.com.au reported.

She was so inspired she started the #hipsterspook hashtag in his honour, posting a number of pictures of him from all angles.

"I'm all about Jacinda's beardy hipster spook," she started, before sharing two more pictures with the captions "Majestic" and "In profile. Magnificent".

Before long, others jumped on board - including Dean Nimbly, who demonstrated just how much safer Ms Ardern would be with a hipster bodyguard.

The man's identity is not yet known, but it was reportedly his first day providing security for Ms Ardern - who could soon become our new Prime Minister.

The website reports he's a member of the diplomatic protection squad (DPS), and has worked closely with Bill English and Sir John Key - the nation's current and former leaders.

Unfortunately, Ms Ardern's office and the DPS have so far refused to comment because his role is "meant to be covert".

Jacinda Ardern first made international headlines for her strong reaction after being asked about her baby plans just six hours after accepting her job.


She blasted a radio host, saying: "It is totally unacceptable in 2017 to say that women should have to answer that question in the workplace".

The 37-year-old was unanimously elected leader of the Labour Party at the start of August, at a time when the party's approval rating was just 23 per cent.

Her appointment immediately provided a tremendous boost to her party - raising $250,000 in donations and bringing in 1000 new volunteers within a single day.