The West Auckland pastor who posted a sermon clip online calling for gay people to be shot is being investigated by police.

Logan Robertson, pastor of the small independent Westcity Bible Baptist Church, made the comments to his congregation at the end of July.

Speaking to the Herald last night Robertson agreed his comments were hate speech but did not retract them.

Christian leaders, including the head of the Baptist Union, and the Human Rights Commission have rejected Robertson's statements.


Detective Senior Sergeant Marcia Murray of Auckland City District Police said police were investigating the "very concerning comments about members of our community".

"The video was posted online in July however it came to Police's attention last night and we have since been making inquiries.

"Police intend on speaking with the individual and are unable to comment any further until this has been done," Murray said.

"However we recognise that members of our communities will be concerned and fearful about those comments and we would like to make it very clear that we are treating this matter very seriously."