A second chance to find a house that could be suitable for home detention for the Christchurch security guard, who stole $179,300 from an ATM he was in charge of restocking.

38-year-old Tony Williams was working for a nationwide security company, Cash In Transit, in charge of transporting money and stocking cash machines around the city.

At 2.07am on Saturday January 21, Williams entered a laundromat by himself using a key and alarm codes taken from his work.

He removed to cassettes containing $50 and $20 notes from a cash machine at the premises.


He resigned three days after the burglary.

When spoken to by Police, Williams confessed and led them to where he had buried $130,000 cash in the garden.

He hid $10,000 inside his house.

He spent $36,600 on groceries, cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, flights, concert tickets, a drone and a piano.

Williams' current address has no GPS signal, so he will reappear in Christchurch District Court on October 25 with another option before sentencing.