Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has chosen 'Let's do this' for her campaign slogan, but a quick check reveals she is not the first.

The same catchphrase has been used widely in America - and younger voters might recognise it from a Hannah Montana song of the same title.

Tennis player Andy Murray used it to on the day of the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, tweeting it was a big day for Scotland: "Let's do this!" But he later said he regretted the tweet.

It was used on social media by former US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in her battle against US President Donald Trump.


It was also a catchphrase for People for Bernie - supporters of Bernie Sanders, Clinton's Democratic presidential nominee rival. It was even made into T-shirts.

Given Labour is strapped for time, there is even a ready made 'Let's Do This' reggae campaign song, developed for the centre-left People's National Movement Party in Trinidad and Tobago in 2015. And it worked for them - they won the election.

However, Ardern was beaten to the punch by some less friendly forces - the Young Nats, the youth branch of the National Party. Just hours before Ardern unveiled her new tagline, the Young Nats put a 50 days to go portrait of Bill English on Facebook with the post "Let's get together. Let's do this."

Let's get together. Let's do this.

Posted by NZ Young Nats on Thursday, 3 August 2017

"Let's get together" is National's campaign song.

National's Wellington Central candidate Nicola Willis also used it in a tweet on her campaign launch:

There are other less positive associations - the "Just do it" slogan for Nike was reportedly adapted from the last words of murderer Gary Gilmore before he was executed: "Let's do this."

One onlooker noted a drawn-out cry of "Let's do it" was also a catchphrase used by Lord Flashheart in Blackadder.

While that is not quite the same, nobody told Ardern's deputy Kelvin Davis that. After launching the new slogan, Davis called out "let's do it" as he left the room.