By Melissa Nightingale

A Wellington man who made a drunken attempt at running onto the field during the Lions vs Hurricanes game last month has a pair of crutches and a moon boot to remember the incident by - but no conviction.

Alexander George Browne only made it to the edge of the field on June 27 when four security guards stopped him in his tracks, badly breaking his ankle in the process.

The young man was "heavily intoxicated" at Westpac Stadium during the game, one of the matches held during the British and Irish Lions 2017 tour.


Just before 9pm, Browne stripped off his shirt, pushed past a security guard, and flipped over a railing onto the edge of the playing field, police prosecutor Constable Gary Hilsdon told the Wellington District Court this morning.

He was stopped by security before causing any disruption, but was injured in the process.

When police questioned Browne on his actions he told them: "Oh, I don't know, drunk I suppose."

Lawyer Andrew Jack, who said Browne had no previous convictions, told the court it was a "momentary intrusion on to the edge of the playing surface".

It didn't interfere with the game or with the crowd observing the match, Jack said.

The broken ankle was "quite a serious injury", which had the electrician off work until September.

Browne made a $250 donation to the Salvation Army and underwent alcohol screening to show he did not have a dependence on alcohol or a "hazardous drinking pattern", the judge said.

The judge discharged Browne without conviction.