The Greens Party co leader Metiria Turei should know better. She's been in politics for the past 15 years and knows what it's like to come so close but to end up being so far away.

Ten years ago Helen Clark showed her disdain for The Greens, preferring to deal with Winston Peters who got just one more seat than them but picked up the baubles of Foreign Affairs Minister.

The Greens got nothing, less even than the minuscule United Future Party who's indestructible leader Peter Dunne again demonstrating the power of one again with a ministry of his own.

For Turei to come out and say Peters approach to immigration was racist was reckless, particularly if she wants The Greens to have any influence in the next Government.


Peters warned there will be consequences, clearly referring to post election coalition talks where he could again pull up the Beehive drawbridge on The Greens who in a One news poll last night were level pegging with New Zealand First on 11 percent.

But given that poll, Labour down to a miserable 27 percent, they wouldn't be in a position to form a majority Government, even with The Greens and Peters on board.

That's why Bill English is keeping his own counsel on his views about Peters, a bit like Andrew Little, suffering a memory loss when he was asked whether Peters had said anything to have his policy declared racist.

Under last night's poll scenario National, on 47 percent would romp home with Peters again riding the baubles into the Beehive.

But there could yet be another scenario if the noticeably softened stance of the Prime Minister, who desperately wants to keep his job, is anything to go by. Previously he'd absolutely written The Greens off as a coalition partner, saying they'd nailed their colour to the Labour mast and were committed to changing the Government.

Now he's saying they've counted themselves out, but it's not of National's doing. He went on to say that his party will negotiate with whatever parties the voters throw up that'll allow them to form a stable Government and said if The Greens had some good ideas, he then paused, before reflecting that National hasn't really had to think about it.

After last night's poll, all bets are off the table and if Turei's able to zip it, who knows, they could just be in with an outside chance.