Labour and the Green Party will get a boost to their respective election campaign war chests from a major union.

E Tu (previously the EPMU and the Service and Food Workers unions) has announced it will donate $120,000 to Labour and $30,000 to the Greens, roughly the same amounts given ahead of the 2014 election.

Party fundraising efforts are intensifying ahead of the September 23 election.

Bill Newson, E Tu national secretary, said nine years of National in power had hurt respect and fair recognition for working New Zealanders.


"But not beyond repair. As the largest private sector union in New Zealand with over 54,000 members, we have a great opportunity to be the voice of our members in the workplace and the wider political environment.

"We're looking forward to campaigning for a new Government."

From next Friday until September 23, parties can spend up to $1,115,000 on election advertising, plus $26,200 per electorate contested. Spending limits cover advertising, but not other campaign expenses like opinion polling, travel and staff.

Taxpayer money is also divvied out to parties to spend on television, radio and internet promotions.

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Largest single declared donations since 2015:

• The Green Party: $283,835 from the estate of Elizabeth Riddoch, August 2016

• National: $150,000 from Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry, May 2017

• The Opportunities Party: $150,000 from Gareth Morgan, April 2017


• Act: $100,000 from Alan Gibbs, May 2017

• Labour: $100,000 from Robert Smellie QC, May 2017