Kids from across Auckland have smashed a record previously held by the British after forming the world's largest human image of a bicycle.

Neary 1800 students, parents and staff gathered at Glen Eden Intermediate today to break the record previously held by Kenilworth School, Sixth form and Warwickshire Country Staff. The previous record was just 1148 people. The Aucklanders managed 1799.

The huddle held for five minutes to break the Guinness World Record with support from Konini, Oratia and Kaurilands Primary. An adjudicator and witnesses were on site for the event captured on a drone.

Auckland Transport's Manager for Walking, Cycling and Road Safety spokesperson Kathryn King said the record breaker is one step towards a sustainable transport future in the city.


"These kids are the future beneficiaries of the intensive planning and building phase we are in."

"The event today is great fun but it's also about preparing the future generation of commuters to make the choice to travel in an active way, on a bike or by foot to public transport."

Travelwise, an Auckland Transport initiative, aims to give schools a safe approach to road safety around schools. Those schools involved have seen a four per cent increase in walking and cycling among students.

King said commuters, including the students at today's record attempt, will benefit from developments underway in the area.

"By the end of next year, locals to this area will be able to cycle on a separated path from New Lynn right into the city and complete a full loop of town.

"Some of the new network is right on the doorstep including around New Lynn where we have just finished consulting with the community around cycling links to the New Lynn Train Station.

Auckland is currently in its second year of a three year programme towards building cycleways and cycling infrastructure around the wider Auckland region.

The programme is a joint effort between Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Agency.