WARNING: Some readers may find this video distressing

The zombies, monsters and demonic-looking characters at the New Zealand haunted attraction Spookers are rapidly gaining a following around the world.

Spookers posted a video to Facebook on Friday showing the company's "scarers" creeping, lunging and bursting from doorways in a derelict hallway of the Haunted House at its premises in Karaka.

The video has since been viewed more than 50 million times, after viewers were encouraged to "tag someone who couldn't make it to the end of the hallway".

The gruesome theme park is set at Kingseat, an abandoned psychiatric hospital in South Auckland. It is staffed by young actors who specialise in scaring visitors.


More than a million people have visited since the R-16 attraction opened in 2005.

Managing director Julia Tukiri said her husband Jemall filmed the video as part of a light-hearted competition to see who could get the most Facebook shares.

After Jemall's video went viral two people had been working full-time responding to all the private messages Spookers had received.

"Google Translate has come in very handy from the thousands of fans from places like Bolivia, Italy, Mexico and Brazil," she said.

"One common question seems to be 'When will you open in...?' " Mexico's Cancun in particular seemed to have a huge demand for a Spookers, she said.