A man wanted for arrest in Canterbury has become an online hit for an unexpected reason.

Police in the region have issued a warrant to arrest Lucas William Vincent, 29.

"If you see [him], please contact police immediately on 111,'' a statement said.

But a Canterbury police Facebook post, which includes a mug shot of Vincent, has been inundated with people commenting on Vincent's left ear. It appears to have been damaged.


People have been quick to offer their greatest ear puns, racking up thousands of comments on the page and resulting in the post being shared almost 8000 times.

"He's going to get an ear full when his mother finds out about this,'' one man said.

"Noted for having a fight with Mike Tyson once,'' another offered.

However, a few people saw the seriousness of the situation and condemned people cracking jokes.

"C'mon everyone. The Canterbury Police are serious about finding this person. They don't have time for all these silly puns. It's getting really ear-ritating.''

Anyone with information is asked to call Christchurch police on (03) 363 7400 or CrimeStoppers Anonymous 0800 555 111.