How many people can say they have been slapped on the wrist by Ellen DeGeneres?

That is something Murupara-bred Fabian Anderson can claim after interning on the American star's talk show Ellen.

Mr Anderson got up to all sorts of mischief during his internship in Los Angeles, which ran from February until this month.

During that time he rotated between five departments, ranging from entertaining/communicating on stage with the audience pre-show to on-screen film and music re-enactments "with the lady herself".


Mr Anderson told the Rotorua Daily Post he started off overwhelmed, but as he settled into things he had to learn the art of patience.

"God damn, did everything take time. For example, a two-minute clip could take 30 minutes."

He said over the course of six months he met influential people who were guests of Ellen.

Fabian Anderson joined Ellen Degeneres' show as an intern. Photo/Supplied, Facebook
Fabian Anderson joined Ellen Degeneres' show as an intern. Photo/Supplied, Facebook

Just a few of his favourites included Ryan Seacrest, Emma Watson, Wanda Sykes, Melissa McCarthy and Bradley Cooper.

He said even the Keeping up with the Kardashians stars offered words of wisdom, with Kris Jenner saying, "Get out there while you're young and be YOLO in life".

"I went through an ADHD phase one day and jumped on a golf cart and drove over to The Voice USA in search for the big red chairs to push that big red button.

"When security came I pretended I was a Voice contestant and took off, leaving the golf cart inside the show. So that's where the missing golf cart is.

"A week later I repeated the same escapade but this time with The Big Bang Theory show."


Mr Anderson said behind closed doors employees did not see DeGeneres around much, but being in the position he was in, he did get to annoy her and they had some laughs.

"Elle the tele tubby, I called her."

He said she was an extremely empowering woman who was focused and determined in life.

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"She'll put her mind to something and get it done. I felt sorry for her that she got stuck with someone crazy like me. And if you're wondering, yes i got a few slaps on the wrists for being mischief."

Mr Anderson said he was in the process of confirming a similar position with another major show but could not name it publicly yet.

He said he was also still deciding whether to return toEllen in the American autumn.

"This opportunity from Ellen had put my toe in the entertainment bubble, and once you have a limb inside that bubble then contacts are exchanged and interest from other producers are formed. So connections do play a big part in Hollywood."

He said these opportunities had fuelled a passion to be in the television industry.

"But in saying that, the Hollywood scene is real competitive right now as we move into a new era of technology and social platforms. Political feud could impact my ability to stay."