Police are hunting a seriously damaged vehicle that sped off after ramming a patrol car.

A witness posted on Facebook of seeing a car speeding through Papakura streets yesterday morning before it reversed into a police car and sped off.

The person said they also saw a young person - aged about 9 or 10 - "holding on for dear life" in the passenger seat. However, although police confirmed the chase happened, they did not believe a child was in the car.

"Just witnessed a cop chase coming down Rollerson Street turning into Cross St. This low life idiot stops at the corner then reverses hard into the cop car and speeds off. As he passes my house I see in his passenger seat a young boy 9 or 10 scared as hell holding on for dear life. Real sad shit right there," the witness posted on Facebook.


Another motorist saw the vehicle go about 100km/h around a 50km/h bend on Dominion Rd, and wrote on Facebook about having to take evasive action to avoid the offending vehicle and patrol car.

A friend of the witness also posted: "He almost hit us speeding away.

"We were coming up to redhill ish dominion road, NEK MINUTE. He was drifting around the 50km corner going 100km minimum."

Police last night confirmed that a car failed to stop for police about 11.50am yesterday.

"Police followed the vehicle for a short time until the vehicle stopped and reversed into the patrol car causing significant damage to the offending vehicle.

"The offending vehicle then sped off again," police said.

Officers identified the driver so did not chase the car.

They did not believe there was a child in the car.

"The Eagle helicopter, a dog unit and other police [tried] to locate him but he was not found. Enquiries are ongoing."