A car has hit and seriously injured a young pedestrian in Herne Bay this evening.

Police were called just before 6pm.

A spokeswoman said the pedestrian had been hit by a car on Masefield Ave, a private road that intersects with Sarsfield Rd.

The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance in a serious to critical condition.


Traffic controllers and police are on the scene and the road has been closed. The Serious Crash Unit has been advised.

The spokeswoman said it was not clear where the person was when they were hit.

Mike van Niekerk saw a red car stopped in the middle of Sarsfield Rd facing away from the city.

Police told him a young person had been hit and was being taken to hospital.

He said Sarsfield Rd was closed between Curran St and Hamilton Rd.

"It would have been a hassle for a lot of people because it's quite a thoroughfare, it's used as a rat run.

"There's a police photographer taking a lot of pictures of the whole scene - it's clearly a serious incident."