A new app which makes finding information about catching a bus, train or ferry more intuitive and easier to use has been released by Auckland Transport.

Called AT Mobile, the app has introduced new features and has been designed from the customers' point of view.

One of the big features of the app is an alerts function. Once a journey is entered into the app, it will send alerts about how far away the bus or train is, so people know exactly when to leave home.

Alerts can also be received on a wearable device, such as an Apple Watch, making it easier to know when to get off a bus or train when making an unfamiliar trip.

The app uses location (GPS) services, tracking a journey. This makes it easier to find unfamiliar bus stops, train stations and where to go to make transfers.

Auckland Transport's group manager metro customer and market, Kevin Leith, said it was important for Auckland Transport to understand how customers use the app and what they find valuable. This allowed the council body to design a whole new experience.

"We spoke extensively to customers throughout the app's development. Now it provides a simpler and more intuitive way for people to travel around the city."

Leith said this is only the first step in building the app.

Ongoing customer feedback is actively being sought to help design new features, making sure the app keeps improving, he said.

"We have built in a feedback loop to hear from Aucklanders about what they think we should improve and what they think we should add to the app."


With AT Mobile you can:
• Create and save journeys.
• Create and save real time boards.
• View the real time location of your bus.
• Receive notifications when your bus is one stop away.
• Get reminded via notifications to get off your bus or train (great when you're travelling to unfamiliar areas).
• Receive route specific notifications such as bus stop closures or major disruptions.
• Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Auckland Transport.