Grandmother Charlotte Nasey wants to run a marathon on every continent.

The Aucklander, 66, began marathon running in 1998 when her friend and university professor decided to run a marathon on her birthday.

They joked about the idea, but since the day she joined the YMCA Marathon Club she's not slowed down.

"It's a very sociable thing and we're having an amazing journey," Nasey said.


"I'm not a real runner, I don't do fast, but I do something every day, swimming or walking or the gym, it's just a way of life. We support each other on the track, it is the people that come first."

Nasey has no plans to stop anytime soon. Now in her 166th marathon she will take on the Hawkes Bay Marathon on May 13 for the second year running.

Whilst a heart conditions stops partner Ernie from running, it doesn't stop him from following on his vintage motorcycle.

"This year I'm doing the Rapanui Marathon, on Easter Island, then come back to do Wellington, with Hawke's Bay in between.

"Then I'm off to South Africa to do the Big Five Safari Marathon."

Charlotte Nasey when she ran her 100th Marathon in 2013. Photo / Doug Sherring
Charlotte Nasey when she ran her 100th Marathon in 2013. Photo / Doug Sherring

Nasey has one goal in her mind - running a marathon on every continent.

"I have always wanted to do Antarctica, it has always been on my bucket list and then I found out about the 'seven continents challenge' and I thought I am nearly there already, so I will have that as a priority goal with Antarctica being the final continent to conquer, hopefully I can achieve that next year."

The grandmother is well travelled, having run around the world in some extraordinary locations. New York, Athens and Beirut were particular highlights, and even boasts she's run with presenter Rachel Smalley.

Antarctica isn't the only location she's got in sight. Running eight marathons in eight days has her questioning her own sanity, but only for the love of the run.

"I've still got the six nations to do, I'm debating that, a group of us mad, fun people, who love journey and adventure are going to do eight in eight days."

"In October is Melbourne, after that to Adelaide for seven in a row, if we are still alive we will do Auckland in October and hopefully Queenstown in November."