Kim Dotcom has filed a formal complaint with the police requesting they interview FBI director James Comey about the unlawful removal of clones of his hard drives from New Zealand.

The internet entrepreneur today tweeted that police should question Comey, who touched down in Queenstown on Sunday for an intelligence conference at Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown, about the "theft" of his data.

Dotcom's barrister Simon Cogan on Monday filed a complaint with the New Zealand Police at Queenstown police station requesting they interview Comey "as a matter of urgency".

The four-page complaint said Comey will be able to assist police about matters related to the removal of his hard drives from New Zealand, including to what extent the FBI knew the clones in question could not lawfully be shipped to the United States.


Comey could also help police on whether and to what extent the New Zealand authorities discussed with the FBI their understanding of the legal status of the clones, the complaint said.

The removal of clones of the hard drives to the United States was found to be unlawful by the High Court and confirmed by the Court of Appeal, the complaint said.

Based on these findings, there are reasonable grounds for the police to investigate whether by removing the clones, the Commissioner of Police, the FBI, and officers within one or more of these organisations (or all of them), committed an offence under the Crimes Act, said the complaint.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they had received correspondence from Dotcom and it was being assessed.

Dotcom said he had not received any feedback from the police.