A "swarm of cop cars" converged near the KFC in the Auckland suburb of Hillsborough this afternoon - after reports of a vehicle driving erratically.

A passerby, Fred, was walking along Hillsborough Rd when he saw the police arrive and the vehicle, believed stolen being "rammed".

"We were walking along the main road and we started seeing all these police swarming the KFC," he said.

"There was just one car rammed, it is still sitting there."


At 5pm he said the car was still outside the restaurant and police were diverting traffic.

Police confirmed the incident that's left one of its patrol cars so badly damaged it was no longer driveable.

A spokesman said At 3.20pm police were made aware of the suspected stolen car, being driven in a "dangerous manner" near Titirangi at 3.20pm.

A police spokesman said officers were on location on Hillsborough Rd, in Mt Roskill shortly after.

He said the car, which has been described by the eyewitness as an old silver sedan, was reversed repeatedly into the patrol car - damaging it so badly it had been rendered undriveable.

Police have arrested the driver and the passenger and taken them both into custody.
The spokesman said no-one was injured in the incident and no-one had fled the scene.