A motorist was stopped and fined $470 and received 70 demerit points after he was dobbed in to police by other Easter Weekend road users annoyed with his dangerous driving.

The motorists travelling across the Hauraki Plains today on State Highway 26 became frustrated and rang police, reporting the driver of the orange Ford Ranger ute for tailgating, dangerous overtaking and speeding.

Hamilton Police Senior Sergeant Pete van de Wetering said the motorist was clocked at 121km/h shortly after by highway patrol police who stopped him.

A 26-year-old Auckland man was issued three infringement notices for fines totalling $470 and given the high demerit points.


Van de Wetering said it appeared the driver had learned his lesson because shortly after he was noted on a police camera car "behaving" at 104km/h on SH27, which was the outside limit police tolerated before issuing speeding fines.

"It's nice to see the callers were justified in ringing us and that our intervention was justified," van de Wetering said.

"We take heart from that. At least he's learned something from it and that the penalty was enough of a deterrent to make him slow down."

Van de Wetering said police were trying their "damnedest" this weekend to make Easter safe for everyone, especially with weather making travel difficult in some places.

"But of course some people just think it [the law] applies to everybody else but themselves."