Most of the country is in for a relatively fine Easter weekend now that Cyclone Cook has passed.

Metservice meteorologist Lisa Murray said there would be showers on and off for most parts of the country but plenty of fine spells in between.

The South Island would get a southerly change late Saturday or Sunday leading to cooler temperatures for the remainder of the long weekend.

Murray said today would be mostly fine in Northland and Auckland, although there was a chance of a few showers.


In Tauranga, there could be showers this afternoon and the possibility of heavy ones.

In Napier, the day would be fine with a high of 23C, she said.

For Wellington, the forecast was for plenty of cloud although it should start to clear later in the day.

Christchurch was in for rain, possibly heavy, as Cyclone Cook passed this morning, although the weather should clear up this afternoon.

Cyclone Cook would also pass off the coast of Otago today, bringing rain and strong winds to the region today.

Easter forecast

Auckland and Northland

Saturday: Scattered showers in the morning and a fine afternoon.

Sunday: Isolated showers developing with fine spells in between.

Monday: Isolated showers with fine spells in between.

Saturday: Showers clearing by afternoon.
Sunday: A few cloudy periods and the possibility of a few showers in the afternoon.
Monday: A few showers with fine spells in between.

Saturday: Fine.
Sunday: Fine.
Monday: A few showers.

Saturday: Cloudy with a few showers with long fine spells in between.
Sunday: Showers in the afternoon.
Monday: Showers in the morning

Saturday: Fine with some morning cloud. A high of 22C.
Sunday: Cloudy with a few showers and a southerly change. High of 15C.
Monday:Cloudy with a high of 16C.

Saturday: Clear in the morning with a high of 20C.
Sunday: A few showers and a southerly change bringing a high of 14C.
Monday: Mainly fine with a high of 18C.