Central Otago police have uncovered a booby-trapped cannabis plot near Glenorchy.

Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said six cannabis plants were recovered from an area near the gravel pit at the entrance of Glenorchy.

"Of real concern to police is that the plot had been booby trapped and was surrounded by planks of wood with large nails sticking up," he said.

"The booby traps were hidden in long grass and someone could have easily stood on them causing serious injury."


There was evidence other plants were grown in the area and harvested.

Police were calling on any information which might lead to the discovery of the offenders behind the plot.

"This is a popular area where children often play and people regularly walk their dogs, it's really disappointing to see these people put at risk," he said.

"Police are extremely concerned by this offending and would like to find the people responsible.

"We ask that anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious in this area recently or has any other information valuable to our investigation comes forward and contact police."