Bali prosecutors have called for a New Zealand woman to be jailed for three years over drug charges.

Myra Lynne Williams, 28, was allegedly caught carrying a small amount of methamphetamine when she got off her flight to Denpasar from Melbourne last August.

Williams, who lives in Mornington, Victoria and is originally from Taupo, has been on trial charged with drug trafficking and possession.

Prosecutor Paulus Agung Widaryanto told Denpasar District Court on Wednesday that Williams should be jailed for three years with time spent in detention to be deducted.


He said Williams indicated she was addicted to methamphetamine and marijuana but not a narcotics dealer.

Widaryanto said Williams obtained methamphetamine from a friend in Melbourne and has been using the drug since May 2014 and has used marijuana since she was 12.

"When the defendant is not using narcotics, the defendant feels tired, her body feels aching, itchy and always wants to consume narcotics," he told the court.

He said the last time she used methamphetamine was in a car in the car park at Melbourne Airport at about 4am on August 31 before boarding the flight to Bali.

He said Williams told Indonesian immigration officials she did not realise she was carrying methamphetamine because she was in a rush to get to the airport to fly to Bali after attending a party in Melbourne.

The maximum penalty for the possession of less than 5g of drugs carries a 12-years prison sentence, while importation has a maximum of 15 years.

Williams is due to return to court on March 30.