A frighteningly close shave for a motorcyclist has been caught on video, showing a car cutting across the path of the biker.

The video was sent to the Herald with little information, except that it was filmed on a Coromandel road.

In the clip, a motorcyclist is negotiating a sweeping corner to the left when a white car headed in the opposite direction turns across the cyclist's path into a side road.

The motorcyclist appears to avoid a collision only by swerving out onto the road.


Motorcycle trainer and rider of 40 years, Steve from Rider Training NZ, said cyclists have to be wary all the time.

"I do know a lot of riders treat the Coromandel like a loop, as a ride," he said.

"But you have to realise you've got a lot of other road users there as well. You have tourists, you have campers, you have other motorcyclists, you know, all with different abilities."

Steve said motorcyclists need to treat every approaching vehicle or corner as a potential risk.

"Sometimes it does feel like every car is out there to kill you."

Steve added that some motorcyclists did themselves few favours by going too fast. "I've been out there doing it too, getting the knee over on the corners, it feels great.

"But as you get older, you get to realise there's no need to be killing yourself for a ride. It's about enjoying it, yes, but it's also about staying alive."