Police said today they were aware of footage of a woman who defecated in the gutter in a Dunedin street and inquiries were continuing.

A business owner believes the woman, thought to be a freedom camper, who defecated outside his workshop is still in the city.

APET Racing owner Nik Black says a white Toyota camper van broke down outside his Vogel St business on Saturday.

He was working on Sunday night and noticed a large amount of faeces in the gutter.


"I had gone outside to get some fresh air and looked down and thought, 'That didn't come from a dog, who the hell put that there?'''

Black reviewed security camera footage filmed outside his business and said he saw a woman defecating in the gutter about 8.30am on Sunday next to another vehicle, a white truck with a green stripe.

He believed there was no excuse for the act, as BP Southern in Cumberland St was open 24 hours and had a toilet.

Most of the faeces remained in the gutter this morning, he said.

When media approached the van yesterday, the freedom campers made a smoky getaway at full speed, about 50km/h.

Black doubted they would have got far and would still be in Dunedin today.

Police had not contacted him for the footage, he said.

Black said he believed the Dunedin City Council had issued the freedom campers a $200 fine for camping in an industrial area.