I always find using the parking kiosk difficult at the Auckland International airport when I pick my wife up from the Airport. On February 15 I used my credit card and the machine appeared to stall. The man on the help phone took ages to reply and sounded incredible bored. My plan B to use my bank card cleared ok. I find out a month later that the credit transaction did go through. So I paid twice. Just a question, when the ticket is paid does it not appear somewhere on the barcode? How does the exit barrier open when you depart? I'm completely stumped by these dumb terminals.




Can someone tell me why one of our largest producers of dairy products is retailing 1 litre milk for $2.79 in Auckland supermarkets and it is being retailed for $1.55 per 1 litre in New Caledonia, regarded as an expensive country? It doesn't make sense but it's time Kiwis realised just how much more we are paying for home grown products that should be far less costly than they are.



I'd just like to give a massive shout-out to Quentin from Spark, who is the most helpful customer service representative I've ever come into contact with over many, many interactions with call centres and customer helplines.



To the mother of the two out of control children in the lovely new cafe in Pt Chev on Friday morning: Why did you and your friends get so upset when asked by the patrons of the cafe to control your children who were making it so unpleasant for the rest of us? And when we spoke to management about it they were very sympathetic and agreed that it was most unpleasant but were to scared to do anything because of the negative backlash they might get in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Sad.



Last week my 1-year-old nephew and I sat at the gate eating apples when an EnviroWay truck driver gave him a toot, wave and smile as he drove past our South Auckland home. He absolutely loved it, thank you.



I want to say thank you to the cyclist having breakfast at Jamaica Blue cafe Saturday 4/3/17 near the airport who bought some food for two guys obviously living hard. He even held up the bus so the staff could get the food in a box to take.


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