Stars of Outrageous Fortune have appeared in a plea for the Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation.

Robyn Malcolm, Aidee Walker and Claire Chitham wanted to help the foundation to raise awareness of their entry in the Million Dollar Mission campaign run by The Trusts.

The TV favourites claim their hearts are still in West Auckland despite the show no longer being in production and have added their star power to the HELP cause.

HELP Auckland is a vital crisis response service that has served Auckland for over 32 years.


The foundation requires funding for their 24/7 crisis service in West Auckland, which is available for anyone affected by sexual abuse.

HELP assists sexual abuse survivors in a multitude of ways, including support and therapy for women, children and families, prevention programmes and assistance for survivors who may need it when navigating the justice system.

The Million Dollar Mission initiative aims to give back to community groups depending on the public's votes.

"All you need to do is vote," Walker tells the camera, "You don't need to give them any money, you just have to vote."

HELP hopes the familiar faces of Outrageous Fortune bring some momentum in the campaign for daily votes, each one equalling $5 towards the foundation's cause.

•One in three girls and one in seven boys under the age of 16 will experience sexual abuse of some kind.
•One in five women will experience sexual assault or abuse in their lifetime.
•Do you need HELP? Call the 24/7 crisis number 09 623 1700