A search for a missing diver in the Marlborough Sounds has resumed today.

The Police National Dive Squad has headed back into the water this morning to look for a 49-year-old man who was diving from a boat yesterday morning and did not resurface at 10.20am.

The man was diving north of Stephens Island.

The New Zealand Underwater Association diver safety spokesman Mike Torr said the association's thoughts were with all involved and it was hoping for a positive outcome.


Torr thanked the teams involved in the search yesterday and today including local police and search and rescue teams, Coastguard and the Police National Dive Squad and said it was a timely reminder for divers to remember the safety rules.

The rules included always diving a with a buddy and to always dive under a dive flay.

The Police launch from Wellington is also in the area helping with the search and conditions in the area are said to be good and calm, according to Police.