Authorities have been alerted to a sighting of a freshly skinned section of dog flesh found on Takapuna Beach.

Resident Brent McCarty told Fairfax he found the more than one metre long skin at 7.45am yesterday and had no doubt it belonged to a dog.

"Analysing it, the skin on the inside was still quite pink, so it had been freshly put there. I would say it would have had to been put there within 24 hours, or 12.

"Whoever did it knew what they were doing because I can tell you looking at the internal part of the skin, not the external, there was no knife blade cut, it was very clean."


He put the skin in a nearby rubbish bin, and rang a Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member, who then told Takapuna police.

Auckland Council's animal management was also told.

Constable Erik Bakker, of Takapuna, said inquiries were made but there were "limited lines" to take it further.

Police were not aware of any reports from an owner of a dog matching the skin's description. The skin appeared to have washed ashore, Bakker said.

There have previously been issues in the community over dog rights on Takapuna Beach.

But Bakker said there was no evidence to suggest the skin was the result of a person disgruntled with dogs.