A young man who touched hearts across the globe by documenting his close bond with his great grandmother has announced it's time for her to say goodbye to public eyes.

Jarryd Stoneman and his nan Katie Thomas, 94, went viral in March last year when he asked her to dance - even though she can't walk unassisted.

After almost a year in the spotlight the 24-year-old man from Wellington, New Zealand, has shared a tear-jerking goodbye to allow his nan to rest, reports the Daily Mail.

Time for nanny to retire from Facebook fame, come say bye ❤️💛💚

Posted by Jarryd Stoneman on Monday, 20 February 2017

In the video posted to Facebook on Tuesday, Stoneman lay alongside his grandmother in her bed as she smiled up at the camera and appeared to be gasping to breathe.


Thomas is 94-years-old and has dementia.

"What's up everybody," Stoneman said in the video. "We've made the decision it's time for nanny to retire from Facebook fame.

"I think it's the right time for her to park up and get out of the public eye.

"You're getting tired hey, my nan," Stoneman said.

"You're still doing fine, aye nanny. It's just time for her to get off Facebook and just chill. Just chill in her chair. There's still gonna be a lot of support out here, with my sister and mum and I'm still gonna be here for her."

He said people assumed he was documenting their friendship for attention, and he would hate for that to affect his nanny.

"There's a lot of hate on Facebook, and I'd hate for any of that to come to our page. People try to say I use her for attention. That was never the case. It was just to promote elderly awareness and share our bond," Stoneman said.

"There's always a time where you just want to have some privacy, and I feel like that's nan's time."


He thanked everybody for joining their journey and said he would continue to inform his audience how she is "going strong".

"For now, it's goodbye," he said after turning his cap backwards and giving his nanny a kiss on the cheek.

Mr Stoneman has shared his friendship with his grandmother on Facebook over the last year since posting the viral video of their dance to Lukas Graham's song 7 Years.

The original video has been viewed more than 90,000 and shared by more than 50,000 other Facebook users.