Kiwis are showing their support for those affected by the Port Hills fire and the firefighters working to put it out by making a statement on social media.

Facebook users are changing their profile photos to an image of an orange heart on a black background as a tribute.

The trend has taken off. One of those taking part is Christchurch resident Lisa Milligan, whose parents were evacuated from their home. She plans to cook them dinner when they return from work today.

She told the Herald choosing to display the orange heart was to convey unity with those affected by the fire.


"It's to show support for the victims and firefighters," she said.

She added the photo after seeing it on Facebook while "scrolling through", saying it was "a nice idea".

Gemma McCaw has also posted a heart-related image on social media.

The hockey star - newly married to former All Black captain Richie McCaw - posted a photo on her Instagram account of hands making a heart shape in front of a sunset, with the caption "Be grateful for everyday that you get to spend with those you love as life is so very precious", using the hashtag "#love".